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Krasi St M

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needleinapileofneedles asked:
I felt horrible about my appearance for so long and, honestly, the majority of people who helped me through that came from tumblr. Even if you could get recognition and attention anywhere, it doesn't diminish the impact that these people can have on you. Even one message once in a while helps in the long run. So as long as it's helping you to reach out for acknowledgement, keep doing it. Don't let people make you feel guilty for wanting a bit of appreciation.

Thank you! Thank you so much. Really :)

ma2yjane asked:
Hi baby, you're my favoritest person on this planet. you are so great, sweet, kind, and handsome. These anons need to find something else to do, like idk go find a hobby or a job instead of hating on you. xoxo :)

Thank you lovely <3 really means a lot xx

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baby-make-it-hurt asked:
Ummmm unf x a billion trillion and one. P.S don't ever forget how incredible you are :)

Thank youuuuuu xx I’ll try not toooo

Anonymous asked:
I was not trying to make you feel bad. at all. you can post whatever you like, I do the same. I personally, just don't feel you need to. I feel you are the type of person who could get recognition anywhere you asked, and right now you're aiming kind of low. post as much of whatever you like as you want, I don't want to run your blog for you!

This is all I got right now :( I’m trying, believe me.

Anonymous asked:
I told you originally I wasn't trying to have a go. I honestly enjoy following you and it saddens me watching you do things like that when I don't feel it does anything for you. you could do so many things, yet you post a lot of 'unf' requests (a lot.) but if it works for you I politely respect you opinion, maybe your blog just isn't for me anymore.

I’m sorry you feel that way :\

I just blog what’s on my dash, it made me feel better… I’ll keep it in check.

secrettouches asked:
Unf :)

Thank you :) x

Anonymous asked:
Idk, I reckon you're pretty hot.

Thanks! :) x